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Saturday, February 25, 2017

REVIEW: gucci soho disco bag

Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Gucci Soho Disco bag, which was discontinued last year. I bought my disco bag at the Gucci Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills boutique. I was lucky enough to get the last bag in the color I wanted, which was red leather. 

The store assistant at Gucci was very kind, and helpful too. She was Chinese, but she grew up in the Philippines. She even grew up in the same area as me! What a coincidence, right? It must have been fate that I got the last bag, and she was the store assistant that I was able to talk to. The Gucci Soho Disco bag wasn't the only one I left the store with. I also got a wallet, a leather zip-around wallet, which I'll review in a different post. 

Now, on to the review.

The bag came in this beautiful Gucci Blooms box, and of course, it came with the beautiful, silky dust bag as well.

AND HERE IS THE BEAUTIFUL BAG. Isn't it gorgeous? I immediately fell in love with the bag. I'd been lusting after this bag for months, and the moment I saw it, I just fell deeply in love with it. The leather is pebbled leather, so it's not as fragile as a normal leathered bag, say the CĂ©line trio.

The bag's handle is a tassle, and it is SO cute. The hardware is gold, and look at the details on the handle. It's so beautiful. This bag is so beautifully crafted. Also, it holds a lot for such a small bag.

Here's what the bag looks like inside. It has two pockets which can both fit a phone. In my case, I place my power charger in there. It's a very thin power charger though so it doesn't mess up the shape of the bag. It has the Gucci tag in red leather as you can see. The bag is pretty spacious too, as seen in the photos. You can fit all your necessities in there.

I'll show you what CAN fit in the bag. Well, at least in my case, I bring my essentials.

It can fit my sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie, my Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick, bandaids, oil film control, a pen, White Flower, my Bottega Veneta interracio card case, a power charger, hand sanitizer, my eye drops, extra contact lens solution, my charger inside the Kate Spade bag, Tums, my Two Faced pressed powder, and my Kate Spade earphones. 

For such a small bag, it can carry a lot. I would recommend this bag for people who want a small everyday bag. It looks beautiful, and it carries a lot of stuff. It's a bag that needs to be taken care of, though. If you're not careful enough, you might just destroy the shape of the bag. 

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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